How Can I Track my Virtual Race?

Upon signing up for the Virtual Race, you will have a personal Runner’s Page at You can input your records in this page.


Step 1. You can track and record your runs via:


Step 2. Input your run records:

Your run record must have (1) distance and (2) date & time of your run. Check the photos /screenshots before submissions.


You can input via:

Option 1
Link running apps to your Runner’s Page at

Option 2
Screenshot and upload your runs from your running app, smartphone, or smart watch.

If you cannot input or upload proof of your runs, do the following:

  • Refresh your browser
  • Use a different browser other than the current browser that you are using
  • Check your internet connection
  • Use desk stop instead of a mobile device
  • Upload your runs one at a time.
  • Still not uploading? Please send a message to with Subject: Cannot upload run record.


If your run record is rejected:

  • If you linked your running apps to your page, check if it is synced properly.
  • If you uploaded a screenshot, check if you have both the distance as well as date & time of the run
  • Still not uploading? Please send a message to with Subject: Run record rejected.


Step 3. When you finish your distance, wait for the Sunpiology team to validate.

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