Terms and Conditions

  1. Entrants take part in SUNPIOLOGY virtual events entirely at their own risk and are 100% responsible for selecting a safe route to run. Entrants declare that they are physically fit and capable of participating in this event and completing the distance they have nominated. They are not aware of any medical condition or impairment that will prevent participation in this event or will affect their health by participation. Sun Life, Team SUNPIOLOGY, Star Magic, and the partners, sponsors and charities it supports accept no responsibility for any accidents or injuries sustained whilst taking part in a SUNPIOLOGY virtual event.
  2. Entrants acknowledge that this is a virtual run and that the organisers will not track or verify results or provide volunteers, marshals or medical personnel assistance to any entrant.
  3. Entrants acknowledge that the entitlements are rewards for all completing entrants in the allocated time.
  4. Children are welcome to take part in SUNPIOLOGY virtual events but should be accompanied and closely supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  5. By entering a SUNPIOLOGY virtual event, you are accepting that SUNPIOLOGY will contact you to confirm your entry and keep you updated on the progress of your entitlements.
  6. After completing your virtual run you must upload records of your run time in your personal page at sunpiology.com. If you experience any difficulties creating or uploading a run details photo(s), please contact the SUNPIOLOGY team at info@sunpiology.com
  7. SUNPIOLOGY virtual runs are not competitive events and as such, there will be no winner or leaderboard of each event.
  8. SUNPIOLOGY will be free to use any images uploaded to www.sunpiology.com or in which we are tagged on our social channels for any purpose.


We value your privacy: Sun Life Online Privacy Statement

That you should not enter and participate unless you are medically able and properly trained. You acknowledge and agree that during the Run Period the event may be held over public roads and facilities open to the public upon which hazards are to be expected. You also acknowledge and agree that participation in the event carries with it certain inherent risks and dangers that cannot be eliminated completely ranging from risk of minor injuries to catastrophic injuries including permanent disability and death. You are aware of and assume all risks associated with participating in the event, including without limitation risks of permanent injury or death due to falls, collisions, obstacles, acts or omissions of other.

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