FAQ (GoBeyond Steps Virtual Run)

It is an additional venue for you to be motivated in finishing strong in the Go Beyond Steps Challenge.  The Go Beyond Steps Virtual Race will reward the Top 125 finishers and their Accountability Partners who will also complete the required steps for the duration of the virtual Race

All employees who received an Mi Band Fitness Tracker must join this challenge.

It is required that your Accountability Partner should be any employee of Sun Life who has also registered for Go Beyond Steps Virtual Race.

Yes, you are welcome to join the challenge. Please register on with Virgin Pulse app and GoBeyond VR site.

  • Go to Virgin Pulse website
  • Download the Virgin Pulse app on your smartphone
  • Connect your fitness tracker to your Virgin Pulse account

To register, go to sunpiology.com

Unfortunately, you cannot join again once you’ve left the challenge. However, you may still upload your steps on the GoBeyond VR website.

Be one of the Top 125 Finishers with at least 125,000 steps each month to receive a singlet and medal. If your Accountability Partner lands on the top 125, s/he will receive a sun visor, race belt, and foldable bottle.

Each of you will receive the complete set of the prizes: singlet, medal, sun visor, race belt, and foldable bottle.

Yes, you need to register for both virtual Races to be eligible for rewards and other inclusions. But good news – to win the prizes. yYour steps canwill be counted for both Races.

You are not obliged to upload you steps to the VR site if they are already being tracked by Virgin Pulse.

Yes, we highly encourage all Sun Lifers to keep track of each other’s record as a way to motivate each other in keeping fit and active.

For other unique concerns, kindly send them at sunpiology@gmail.com or to Ms. Arlie Comia at MaNarla.Comia@sunlife.com

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